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“Heste de la Saü” is the name of the ” festival of the Salt ” during which Salies-de-Béarn pays tribute to the White Gold, exploited since 15 centuries before J.C and who made its fame.
Salies-de-Béarn welcomes you in its clothes of festival and opens you even the doors of the Museum of the salt to understand even better its attachment in the salt. During this big popular and familyfestival, the public can see the traditional costume of Béarn, and all the spectators are invited to become the actors of the party. Streets, houses, shops are carefully decorated on the theme of the year.


12 April 2018 admin

Craft market
Food and manufactured market proposed by local producers and craftsmen.
Several shepherds and shepherdesses make you taste cheeses’ tommes of ewe and goat, fruit of their work. The honey of our mountains and wines of Jurançon, delicatessen, Basque cakes and so on…

Return of the mountain pasture
The transhumance which is proposed for the festival of the Shepherds is a small travel of about fifteen km of a flock of sheep coming down the high valley of Aspe to Aramits.
The crossed sites offer a magnificent landscape of Pyrenean Piedmont.

The festival of the Shepherds, since its creation, wishes to emphasize and to make the authenticity of this pastoral life known, as well as the link of the shepherd breeder with its animals. During the competition we can only admire the know-how obtained by a patient training, notice the very beautiful capacity of the animal to be immediately answered the expressed orders. And even better, more hardly and much stronger, we shall perceive the very important complicity of the dog with its master.


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In September 4th, 1993 took place the first “world championship of Garbure” in Oloron Ste Marie.
In front of such a success the organizers decide to create an association “Garburada” to promote and defend this symbolic typical dish.
From now on 20 years, in the public garden, on first Saturday of September around thirty teams have engaged a war to prepare the best “garbure” (typical soup) by respecting the traditional recipe of the ancestral “garbure”. This competition became a big gastronomic and popular festival with its brotherhood as well as of numerous animations, musical groups, regional singings, etc. At the end you can enjoy a meal with 1500 dinner guests in the enjoyment and the good mood


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Spectacular, the demonstration (150 participants and about 4000 curious)

  • competition of the lumberjacks,
  • the chaff rise (a bundle of hundred kilos within two minutes),
  • to raise of cart (350 kg to be turn),
  • the sawyers (a beam of beech to be cut up as fast as possible)
  • race with the bags of wheat (120m to travel with 76 kilos on the back).


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In August 20th, the cow, “the blond of Aquitaine” is the guest star.

  • Exhibition of the cattle
  • prize-giving to the breeders
  • world championship of gaha-bacota (throw of hoop around the horns of a motionless cow)
  • paraded
  • Soup of the Blonde
  • fireworks


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Exalting brotherly communion around the “langue d’oc” and the cultures of the South, this nice festival begins with a sound of one cantera at 7 pm on the Royal place. About forty groups in four days, subtle marriage of the generations and the styles.


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Created in 1997, the “Piperadière” celebrates its 20 years. The competition of the best piperade begins at 2 pm. You can register until the 10th of august. Prize-giving at 7 pm after the parade of pots and dressed up kitchen boys (18 hours). You also can find a market on the streets


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Every year in August 15th you can see e new pyrotechnic creation. In 2016, we shall admire ” Biarritz, the magic jewel ” . The firework has been fired from the “Basta” rock and on the large beach: unforgettable 25 minutes, 2000 rockets, 20 000 spectators!


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Square of the paths, to discover the know-how of the “sandaliers” and the attraction of the hand-made in Soule region.

Also to the program:

  • Pelota
  • Gastronomy
  • music and traditional dances
  • singings of Xiberoko Zohardia
  • show of Basque strength …


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They peak on the 15th of August with “Hesto de Nouste Damo”. Carnival during three days

  • Serenades
  • Solemn mass
  • Race in the mountain
  • Concert and dancing
  • Torchlight procession
  • big fireworks