The “table d’hôtes”

The greedy breakfasts and the meals home cooked are prepared in the open-plan kitchen and served on the patio or in the dining room.

The breakfast

The breakfast consists of fresh bread, croissants and on-the-spot cooked “pains au chocolat”, madeleines or cakes, butter, jams as well as hot drinks and fruit juice.
All the jams and the jellies are home-made. Croissants and similar products and morning cakes are home-made also.

Quality products!

We cultivate, in our kitchen garden, the majority of the vegetables which we prepare for your meals. They grow in our garden just next to host’s house. We take a particular care of not using insecticides, weed killers or chemicals.
All our vegetables grow in the former! The basis of our treatments is some Bordeaux mixture and the weeding in the hand.

We cultivate a field of potatoes for the year. We grow tomatoes, hot peppers, leeks, zucchinis, diverse varieties of onions, eggplants, beans, melon, pumpkin, thyme, celery, parsley, basil … We buy the necessary complements in fruits and vegetables on the local markets from small producers of the region whom we know. The meat which we cook arises from farms of the surrounding region. Eggs also are directly bought from the farm. We buy the cheese directly at the shepherd, among our neighbors, who produce themselves their cheeses.


The place of meals

We suggest you to install in the patio which gives onto the garden or in the main dining room. The latter gives directly onto the open-plan kitchen where you can see us preparing all your meals. We propose you a typical Basque kitchen, such as you can find in the restaurants of Mauléon or neighborhood there. But our kitchen does not limit itself to the regional dishes. It is diversified.