The house

The house is generally a very important value in the Basque Country, even nowadays. The social unity depends on it : The Basque traditional house is an institution of economic, social and religious character, integrated into the same family. It is a carrier of a tradition, in charge of religious functions which it cannot give up. All this modelled the “etxe” (the house) so that it was able to enjoy the right of asylum; it was inviolable and must be transmitted intact, undivided, within the family.

The house

Basque typical house

The importance of the House in the Basque Country

The building is a Basque typical house of the “soule” region. The “soule” is the smallest and most easterly region of the Basque Country. It has its own language (the “souletin”) and its recognizable architecture. It is of Pyrenean style : stone house with a roof with croup covered with “Picon” tiles.

The social and political life of the Basques gets organized around the “etxe” or “etche”. Only the heads of the family, owners of a house, attended the assemblies of the village. It is the initial element of integration in the community. The older son of the family inherited from the house. Until XVIIth century, it is frequent that the name of the house becomes the patronymic of the child which is born there. Witness of the importance which the Basques granted to their houses, today still whole families bear names of houses, as “Etcheverry” (new house), “Harguindeguy” (workshop of the mason), and so on…
The property of the farm and its grounds were always transmitted entirely within the same family. This tradition not to split the property guaranteed the survival and the preservation over the minimum needed.

In view of the generally impressive size of these buildings, a part of these houses are today of use as Holiday cottage in the Basque Country.

The house

The garden and the swimming pool

The swimming pool gives onto the terrace behind the building. It is a swimming pool of salt water. It is warmed all year long by heat pump and equipped with a spa. A wooden terrace surrounds it and gives directly onto the grass of the yard.
We provide you with deckchairs around the swimming pool.

Our backyard is very vast: 3 hectares. We fitted it out for your relaxation and your comfort. Our host house with swimming pool and outer games for children was organized so that each can have his space of relaxation. The area of outer games is situated under oaks, near the house.